1. Project title and number

The Managers Training Programme (MTP 4) for Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan

REF: Europe Aid/120656/C/SV/Multi; Contract No: TACIS/2005/104021

2. Grant holder, members of the consortium

· Carl Duisberg Centren gGmbH, Cologne, Germany (consortium leader and grant holder)

· Bernard Krief Consultants, Paris, France

· Bit Schulungscenter NFG GmbH & Co. KG, Graz, Austria

· Consorzio Progetto Lazio, Rome, Italy

· Copenhagen Development Consultinig A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark

· Doradztwo Gospodarcze DGA SA, Poznan, Poland

· Fomento el Trabajo Nacional, Barcelona, Spain

· Integration Ikesol SA, Paris, France

· International Business School, Budapest, Hungary

· LDK Consultants, Engineers and Planners, Athens, Greece

· Ni-Co Northern Ireland Public Sector Enterprises, Belfast, UK

3. Beginning and end of project


4. Total grant and IBS share

· Total budget for Component 1 (Training of Managers in the EU): 6.300.000 EUR

· IBS: 230.000 EUR

5. Project outline

The overall objective of the programme is to improve the performance of economic enterprises in the MTP participating countries and to contribute to the improvement of management practices through difficult economic and social conditions and improve the performance of a number of local companies.

6. Role of IBS

IBS participated in training programmes of Component 1 by delivering 4 4-week long trainings in collaboration with another consortium partner for top managers from the beneficiary countries, and by organizing an “Europa Seminar”.

4-week trainings were delivered by sharing the duration of the training between 2 consortium partners; hence 2 weeks were spent at each partner. IBS delivered such trainings as follows:

- MTP 405 (13-25/05/2006): total 18 managers - 11 managers represented the tourism sector; the remaining 7 managers were representatives of the beverage industry; 7 from Russia and 11 from Ukraine.

- MTP 411 (06-18/07/2006): 22 managers, all from the advertising industry; 17 from Russia, 3 from Uzbekistan and 2 from Ukraine.

- MTP 423 (5-17/04/2007): 19 managers, all from the transportation and logistics industry; 8 from Russia, 7 from Uzbekistan and 4 from Ukraine.

- MTP 429 (28/06-10/07/2007): 20 managers, all from the human resource management sector; 12 from Russia, 5 from Uzbekistan and 3 from Ukraine. Participants of the above trainings attended seminars and visited Hungarian companies.

The “Europa Seminar” (18-22/07/2006)

Total 129 participants: 97 managers trained at the EU in that given wave as participants (68 from Russia, 19 from Ukraine, 10 from Uzbekistan) + 7 guest speakers (2 representatives of the Russian government and 1-1 representative of the Ukrainian government, of the EU, of the Hungarian government, of the Hungarian corporate world and of MTP Alumni) + 15 representatives of the consortium + 10 IBS-B staff (managerial, training and administrative/technical staff)

Programme: after a one-day long trip to Lake Balaton participants attended a two-day long conference (presentations of guest speakers and workshops).

IBS organized and hosted the event, invited key speakers and workshop leaders and provided event management with necessary facilities and staff

For further information please click on the project's website: http://www.tacis-mtp.org or email the Project Manager, Gabor ANDRASI (gandrasi@ibs-b.hu)

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