Situated in the heart of IBS Campus, IBS  Residence Hall offers comfortable accommodation in well-equipped en suite rooms to international as well as local students and visiting professors. Only 20 minutes from the city centre, the fully-refurbished rooms overlooking the garden offer guests peace and quiet. Rooms can be occupied by one person or shared with another student. Each room has its own bathroom, and there are communal kitchens and laundry rooms at the disposal of our students on each floor.

Several sports possibilities for both students and teachers are available on the campus of the School. In addition to the special IBS-price, IBS Fitness offers extra discount for Residents .

Students may opt for a 5-month or 10-month contract at the following prices valid for the 2013/14 academic year:

Length of Contract Type of room


in EUR

Rent totals

in EUR

5-month contract

shared occupancy


5 x 280 = 1400


10-month contract

single occupancy


10 x 385 = 3850

10-month contract

shared occupancy


10 x 260 = 2600


The contract becomes effective as from 1 September. Ms Mária Ortiz manages all matters related to the Residence Hall (bookings, invoices, payment, accommodation report forms etc.).

Each room has 2 beds with bed sheets, a bathroom, a toilet, a fridge, a TV, internet connection. A hair dryer can be borrowed from the reception. Each floor has a kitchen and a laundry with a washing machine and an ironing board. Each kitchen has a cooker, a micro, a coffee machine, an electric kettle and a toaster. The kitchen on the ground floor has an oven and on the second and fourth floor it has a dryer too. There are no pans, plates or cutlery (spoons, forks or knives). You can buy a starter kit for EUR 25 that contains a towel, a knife, a fork, a tablespoon, a teaspoon, 2 plates, a glass, a mug and a pot.

You need to clean your own room (a vacuum cleaner can be borrowed) and the bed sheets are washed every second week. No pets, electric appliances (Hi-Fi, electric cooker etc), weapons or drugs are allowed. Smoking is prohibited in the building. The RH reception is open day and night.

Steps of booking a room:

  1. Apply for a room on the online application form or contact Ms Mária Ortiz
  2. Ms Ortiz will contact you by email.
  3. You pay the deposit of 380 EUR by the deadline August 15 or January 15.
  4. MsOrtiz confirms your booking.
  5. You pay the rental fee by September 1 or February 1.
  6. You fix the date of moving in with Ms Ortiz.
  7. You move in and sign the contract.
  8. Summer break is from July 1 to August 31. It is possible to book a room for July, but in August the RH is closed for maintenance!


  1. The Residence Hall fees must be paid to a different bank account than the one for the tuition / registration fees!
  2. If you cancel your reservation in writing before July 31 (December 31), the security deposit will be returned. However, in case of cancellation after August 1 (January 1) only half of the deposit will be returned.

Residence Hall Calendar: 

Type of contract Deadline for Application Dates of Accommodation
5 months contract 15 August 1 September - January 31.
5 months contract 15 january 1 February - 30 June
10 months contract 15 August 1 September - 30 June