Dear Alumnus,

All our former students have established a life-long relationship with our School and act as our Ambassadors. When the School founded the IBS Alumni community in 2003, we aimed to strengthen and renew this relationship and turn it into an active partnership.

The first graduates left the School in 1995 and we have around 1300 former students registered at the moment. Within the Business Network Centre, the IBS Alumni aims to expand this network of registered Alumni and make it into a lively community.

This Alumni website provides up-to-date information about the school, its events that are open to our Alumni, job opportunities as well as training and educational offers at a discount. Under the Alumni Interactive section, you can establish contacts with your former classmates, friends, and even send invitation to those who are not yet registered. Under the Alumni Career Pathways, we present information about the career of our former Students. Please, do send your story!

Under the news section, you can read about the upcoming IBS Alumni Eves where participants can meet and talk with some famous personalities of the business world.

We look forward to hearing from you, please do share your views about our website. Hope to see you on many of our events.

Best regards,

Dr. Zsuzsanna Ránki
Head of Business Network Centre and Career Office